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Drew has been doing strength training since 2011 and has competed in numerous strongman and powerlifting competitions. These have included:

  • Winning Brisbane’s Strongest Man and Woman 
  • Competing in GPC World Championships in Las Vegas 2015

Drew believes everybody should have the chance at using strength training to improve their life. He has worked with many clients that are looking to improve their quality of life through strength training. Drew works closely with other healthcare professionals, including nutritionists, physiotherapists, and Tom (the VALHALLA Strength – South Brisbane Exercise Physiologist) to provide the best plan and care possible. Drew’s coaching highlights have included:

  • Clients competing in all levels of powerlifting, including: state, national and world championships
  • Numerous strongman and strongwoman competitors in all levels of strongman champions ,including; United States Strongman Pro Women’s World Championships.

Drew is passionate about working with Personal Trainers looking to gain experience in strongman or powerlifting, as well as educating our members about all aspects of living to ensure they have the opportunity to increase their quality of life.

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