Krystal is an academic at a university, first and foremost, but has taken on the responsibility of supporting her husband, Drew Spriggs and Valhalla Stregth – South Brisbane.

Krystal has been strength training since early 2012 and was a GPC Category 4 Referee, also known as a World Referee. Recently, Krystal has turned her attention to pioneering paperless strongman competitions. Her focus is to ensure that all competitors have a great day on their competition day.

Krystal has had many setbacks in her lifting career, but she always gets the job done with a smile on her face. She says: “I have known what it is like to not be able to move the way I want to move for fear of injury, so I lift to make sure that I can move the way I want to move, and live the way I want to live. Strength training has changed my life, and I hope to inspire other women of all ages to give it a go.”

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