Krystal is a Teacher, first and foremost, but has taken on the responsibility of Marketing and Events at VALHALLA Strength – South Brisbane in support of her husband, Drew Spriggs. She has a passion for education and has been a driving force behind the VALHALLA Valkyries and the free monthly workshops which are available to members and non-members alike. She is referred to as Gym Mum by many of the members, and is always looking for ways to better herself and the things on offer at VALHALLA Strength – South Brisbane.

Krystal has been Powerlifting since early 2012 and is a GPC Category 4 Referee, also known as a World Referee. She has competed in numerous competitions, including:

  • New Zealand Nationals 2014
  • GPC Australia Nationals 2014 and 2015
  • GPC Worlds in Las Vegas 2015

Krystal has had many setbacks in her lifting career, but she always gets the job done with a smile on her face. She says: “I have known what it is like to not be able to move the way I want to move for fear of injury, so I lift to make sure that I can move the way I want to move, and live the way I want to live. Powerlifting has changed my life, and I hope to inspire other women of all ages to give it a go.”