Flat rate membership – no contracts, no hidden fees, no membership tiers. Just $22.50/week, paid on whatever terms you’d like.

All memberships include

  • Programming and ongoing support

There’s no way to hamstring your process faster than not having set goals and plans for getting there. All membership includes programming tailored to your needs, and ongoing support to make sure you’re on track

  • A supportive team environment

There is nothing quite the same as training with like-minded people. Having the support of those around you pushes you to reach your best, and encourages you on days when things aren’t going to plan. It doesn’t matter what weight you have on the bar, you will be part of the team at Valhalla Strength.

  • Unlimited access to our facility during open hours

Our open hours provide you with multiple training options whilst our supportive and dedicated team are there to help you.

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